Software Updates

Software Updates

October 25, 2023

Another item in the arsenal of good cybersecurity hygiene is updating your software regularly.

Delaying a software update on your computer or phone seems innocuous, but keeping up with the latest version is a cybersecurity best practice.

You may always click “Update Later” on those annoying software update notifications, but software and app updates contain important security fixes that can help keep you safe.

These software updates protect your laptop, smartphone, and any other device you might use to connect to the internet. According to CISA, software updates are the most effective measure you can take to protect your digital devices because they are the best defense against attackers exploiting patched vulnerabilities. They also share a few other tips when it comes to software updates:

  • To minimize your risk, consider setting up automatic software updates.
  • Only download software updates from trusted vendor websites.
  • Don’t trust a link in an email message, especially if you don’t know the sender.
  • Avoid software updates while using untrusted or unsecured networks (such as the Wi-Fi at the library or a coffee shop).

Make cybersecurity a priority every day.