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We would like to help you develop a comprehensive financial plan to follow on your journey to financial security.  We have worked with medical professionals for over 20 years and many times address questions you did not even know to ask.  No two financial plans are alike and we work to address each of the topics below over the course of developing your financial plan.

Debt Reduction

Debt Reduction

How fast should you pay off your debt given the risk and understanding of doing something else with your extra money?

Cash Flow Analysis…Where does your income go on a monthly basis? Maybe you don’t change your spending but wouldn’t it be nice to know the numbers?

Budgeting Strategies…There are so many strategies to budgeting and we can help you find the one that works best for you!

Emergency Reserves…How much should you accumulate and where should you keep it?

Insurance Review

Insurance Review

Insurance poor? Maybe you are but how do you know you have enough to make sure you sleep comfortably at night?

Employer Benefits Consulting…Many times you can only make changes once per year. We can help you stay on top of what is offered by your employer.

Asset Protection…Are you concerned about being sued? What assets are protected and what can you do to protect yourself?

Risk Management…Everyone is risk tolerant when their investments are rising, right? The question becomes how comfortable are you when those investments decline?

Tax Strategies

Tax Strategies

We work closely with your tax preparer to make sure your financial strategies are coordinated to provide you the greatest benefit.

Portfolio Management…How can you best develop a diversified portfolio that also includes low cost investment options? What are the benefits and costs to holding these accounts in a tax sensitive portfolio?

Practice Buy-Ins…Should you finance your medical practice buy-in? Paying it off with salary deductions? What other options do you have and which one makes the most financial sense for you?

College Planning…How much do you need to save (Public v. Private)? What is the best type of account to use? Some have tax benefits while others have ownership control.

Real Estate Analysis & Management…How much house should you look to buy? How fast should you pay it off? What are the pros and cons to rental real estate?

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

How much do you need to save for retirement so that you confidently know you won’t run out of money? Maybe it depends more on your spending desires in retirement than an actual magic number?

Estate Planning…Do you have an estate plan? If so, when was the last time you updated it and double checked your beneficiary designations?

Charitable & Gifting Strategies…Are there charities or benefactors that you would like to help annually?

Legacy Planning…What would you like to leave behind financially when you pass away? Beginning with the end in mind can make the path easier to follow.

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